web hosting coupon code websites

Best Web Hosting Coupon Websites

Welcome to Hosting Index! We started this website because we wanted to create lists of the best resources for things like web hosting, wordpress themes, domain names and more. But instead of creating these lists and sharing it only with each other, we decided to open it to the public and allow you to see the hosting companies and other related companies that we have had good experiences with and recommend to others.

First, our list of the Best Web Hosting Coupon Websites.

web hosting coupon code websites

Web Hosting Coupon Codes

This site offers promo codes for most of the popular hosting companies like GoDaddy, Blue Host, Hostgator and Media Temple. It also has reviews for most companies, as well as ‘best of’ lists for various types of hosting. This is a good website for learning what you need and getting a deal on it quickly.

FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/couponcodehoster/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/mattwebhosting


VPS Coupons

This is the ‘next-level’ hosting company site. They offer coupons for hosting companies with a focus on VPS (virtual private server) hosting. This is  great for companies or websites with high traffic. Most hosting companies offer at least some form of VPS in addition to shared hosting, so you’ll see the usual suspects as well as high end cloud hosting companies.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vpscoupons/



Hostgator is probably the second largest web hosting company in the world (the data from Europe is unreliable, so we have to guess). It offers every kind of hosting you could need, from its ‘hatchling’ hosting for 1 website to the high end dedicated hosting plans costing upwards of $300/month. They also have their own coupon page with the best coupons available.



Groupon has expanded from a discount website for local restaurants and shops to a massive online coupon code website. You’ll find pretty much every kind of coupon code you need from their website. They also tend to update their coupon pages quite frequently.


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